Member Moments

Whether you’re finding a new gym, treating a mysterious bug bite or even delivering four healthy babies at once, we’re here to help you through life’s many moments.

These are some of the many ways we’ve helped our members:


“As a Buffalo Bills season ticket holder, I received emails promoting the Health & Wellness Challenge. I suffered an accident in 2011 and have struggled to stay fit ever since. I would walk and use light weights on my own, but the thought of participating in a community challenge intimidated me – until this year.

I saw the Independent Health email come in and knew it was time to commit to leading a healthier lifestyle. I would check-in daily to get my “assignment” and I felt so proud to complete it. I felt my strength and confidence grow little by little.

The format was just the structure and accountability I needed to see changes in myself. Who would have thought following my favorite team would help me get healthier?”


“I had a baby in March 2015, and went back to work after 6 weeks. My job was extremely stressful and I began to overeat to cope with it. Independent Health’s Health and Wellness Challenge was the perfect daily reminder to take better care of my health so I can be fit to keep up with my toddler. I went from 179 lbs. to 129 lbs., thanks to this motivation from Independent Health.”


“My daughter was playing soccer in Finland and had been riding to practices every day. She eventually developed cold-like symptoms. There was a language barrier for properly assessing her needs. I encouraged her to call Teledoc and the doctor gave her specific instructions on what to do. The doctor suspected pneumonia and gave her steps to try to see if her condition would improve because, if not, she would need to seek treatment. She followed his instructions and got better with no further treatment. Otherwise, she would have ended up in an ER in a foreign country.”


“A couple of years ago, I was in an emergency room when I was told I likely had kidney cancer. My wife and I panicked as we made the appointment for a specialist because cancer conjures up a lot of fear. But from my first appointment, through my surgery, to the cancer treatment medications – Independent Health was there every step of the way.”


“I’m a diabetic who recently changed my diet based on an article I found on the Internet. I started having milk and cereal for breakfast, thinking it would help prevent my mid-morning lows. But because I use the Brook app, which was suggested to me by Independent Health, I input my daily blood sugar levels, meals, medication and exercise. A clinician actually caught the change and was able to reach out to me and correct the issue before it caused any major issues. I changed my breakfast back to eggs with a mid-morning snack of nuts because I learned that more fat and protein but lower carbs was also helpful in handling those lows.”