Helping your doctor help you.

At Independent Health, we’re working with your primary care physician, specialists and other health care providers to help you receive efficient care for better overall health.

Learn how better coordination means better care.
Learn how removing barriers means more time for your care.

How we're doing it:

Letting doctors be doctors


Health care is more complicated than ever and doctors need to be freed up to spend more time on medicine, not business operations.


Independent Health established a team of experienced associates to help support physicians with the day-to-day needs of running a practice. We help educate and implement best practices, provide secure access to personalized patient treatment reports and offer the necessary support to enable process improvements.

So your doctor can spend more time on what really matters – you.

Paying for quality, not volume


Historically, the health care industry has paid doctors for every individual step in your care – in an itemized fashion. This means the focus was on those steps taken to treat a specific procedure rather than the overall outcome.


Independent Health is working toward implementing a new approach that empowers doctors to improve quality and efficiency in order to make the system work better for you.

Ultimately, it will improve the quality of care you receive.

Seamlessly sharing data and expertise


Physicians don't often have a simple way to view and/or know when you may be due for a service, like a preventive screening.


We provide physicians with access to a secure portal, which allows them to quickly see key patient metrics including annual visits, gaps in care, prescription drug needs, specialty care options and more.

This allows physicians to more readily understand your unique needs when you call or visit, which helps them keep you better informed.