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Protecting People on the Front Line

Daniel Buttery is the owner of Black Lab Metal Fab, a metal fabrication shop based in Lewiston. Typically, you’ll find him designing and manufacturing art pieces but lately he’s been busy supplying local hospitals with intubation boxes free of charge. Intubation boxes are Plexiglas structures with two holes for arms that create a layer of protection between medical professionals and patients during treatment.

“When I saw these online, I thought, you know what, I can make those,” said Dan. “These boxes contain all of the germs and I think it’s important that medical professionals have as much protection as possible during this time.” Dan found a way to make the boxes in fewer pieces so he could do it on his plasma cutter in his home machine shop. The result was 70 intubation boxes that were much-needed across Western New York.

Materials for intubation equipment aren’t cheap, but Dan is committed to donating every single box he makes. He created a GoFundMe page to help pay for the production and was surprised by the amount of donations he received. “Within one day, I got about $1,000, the next day it was $2,000," explained Dan. The plan is to keep production going as long as there is a need for intubation equipment.

To learn more about Dan and his efforts, check out the links below:

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