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Turning a Difficult Time into Story Time

Hailey Glynn, a first-grade teacher at North Park School #50, did everything she could during quarantine to make sure her students continued to learn from home. She immediately took her classroom to YouTube and Zoom, and created fun video lessons on subjects like vowels, crafts and more. But there was nothing in her lesson plan to explain to her students what was happening in the world.

“I had been talking to my friends and colleagues about the pandemic and everyone was really confused,” explained Hailey. “I realized if adults were feeling that way, I can't even imagine how my students were feeling, having lost their routine, their time with their friends and their school. I knew I had to do something to try and explain the situation to them, but I wasn’t sure how.” Hailey’s mom suggested she write a children’s book to explain it to them and so she did. Within less than a month, Hailey wrote and illustrated “When Virona the Corona Came to Town.”

The book discusses the many aspects of the COVID-19 virus in a kid-friendly way. She first read it to her students over Zoom and now it is an Amazon best seller, having sold over 15,000 copies worldwide. “It blew up in a way that I never expected,” said Hailey. “I will definitely continue teaching, but I think I will write another book for sure. It's been a really great experience.” For now, Hailey is preparing her classroom for the upcoming school year, whatever it may bring her way.

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