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Bringing Homeland Traditions to His New Community

“In Pakistan when there’s an emergency, everyone comes together to help each other. That’s the tradition I know,” said Masud Qazi, owner of Clay Handi, a traditional Pakistani restaurant in Buffalo. “So, when businesses started closing down due to the pandemic and many people lost their jobs, I asked myself what I could do to help them.” Masud decided to take action. He put a sign out on the street in front of his restaurant that read “If you’re out of work, you can get a free meal here.”

He also posted the offer on his business’ social media accounts in hope that someone in need would see it and come to receive a free meal. Much to his surprise, the post went viral on the Internet. Masud and the team at Clay Handi ended up giving out over 5,000 nutritious meals to people in need.

Masud has also made donations to and partnered with non-profit organizations like FeedMore WNY and other local food banks during the pandemic. “Now that Buffalo is my community, I feel it is my responsibility to bring the Pakistani traditions of humanity and compassion here, and stand with my neighbors and help them, however I can,” said Masud. Clay Handi’s dining room and pottery shop are now open to the public and Masud continues to support his new community as best he can.

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