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A 6-Year-Old Helps People Get Movin’

Owen Thomas, a Sanborn kindergartner, came up with his very own board game called “Get Movin’” to keep kids active while they’re stuck at home during quarantine. At just 6 years old, he decided to enter his game into the National Invention Convention Competition, a nationwide contest for children to showcase their creative projects. Owen won “Top Kindergartner” with his ingenious idea.

The game itself is simple — a player throws a magnet at the number board and moves his or her character the number of spots they landed on and then does the activity in the box. “I wanted to come up with a fun way to exercise because kids and people need to stay active," Owen explained. "It’s good for your brain.” And most importantly, he added, “You get muscles.”

The activities you can expect while playing Get Movin’ include jumping jacks, hopping on one foot, jogging and bear crawls. With gyms closed and kids not able to participate in physical education or group sports, this game provides an opportunity for families to stay active together within their own homes. Creating more board games is not something Owen sees in his future. “I think that I’ll just make more exercise routines for people to do.” He may become a pretty popular personal trainer by then.

To learn more about Owen and his board game, take a look at the link below: